Eduardo Terrazas | 1.4.10, 2013 [1.4.10b, 1974] | Serie 1: Posibilidades de una estructura (Serie 1: Possibilities of a Structure), Subseries 4: Retícula (Grid) | Museo de Arte Moderno, INBAL


For over five decades, Eduardo Terrazas has created a remarkable body of work that encompasses architecture (his discipline of training), design, urban interventions, and painting, as well as a distinctive type of two-dimensional pieces produced with wool thread. From his activities as the Artistic Director and Coordinator of the Identity Program for the 19th Olympic Games in 1968 in Mexico City to his series of works titled Posibilidades de una estructura (Possibilities of a Structure), his projects have stood out for their iconic character. Moreover, they are united by their humanistic purpose. They possess a sense of innovation which aims to reconcile the local and the traditional with modern and global art, attempting to articulate situations of socialization, reflecting on different issues that pose risks to the development of human life on the planet, and above all, aiming to show that reality is a field of possibilities.

Eduardo Terrazas. Equilibrio Múltiple seeks to offer a broad perspective on this body of work, considering some urban-scale projects as well as various series of two-dimensional works, including some works focused on the analysis and investigation of specific issues. Terrazas’s oeuvre can be seen as a metaphor for questioning structures and systems of thought that are taken for granted, which appear ineffable, timeless, and unmovable. Specifically, some works from the 1970s examined and offered an alternative to the Western ideology of industrial progress and its consumer culture as the sole paths to individual development and well-being. However, his series that best represents this critical attitude is Posibilidades de una estructura (Possibilities of a Structure), produced over the course of more than five decades, in which he has made countless changes, modulations, and variations to a central diagram. The progression of this series represents the exercise of a creative and imaginative vision that consistently affirms the existence of possibilities and choices.

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